M03 - Vendor Relations & Market Solidarity Director

Ideal Candidate

Eligible candidates will have license levels of at least level 9 in combat related licenses, and least level 5 in trade/mining licenses.  Candidate should have a strong background in 1v1 and group combat situations.  Expertise preferred in energy weapons, missiles, and unguided rockets.  Candidate must also have access to all major trade vessels, including Behemoths, Marauders, and Centaurs.


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Foster community relations through educational outreach programs
  • Minimize competition within established markets
  • Assist as needed in the completion of contracted procurement operations
  • Supervise training curriculum of entry-level positions


Compensation will be provided on a daily/weekly basis, with bonuses paid for successful completion of position responibilities.

Additional Information

This position requires a high degree of autonomy and creativity.