Employment Requirements

  1. All employees must run company-mandated software
  2. Business transactions shall be conducted with honesty and integrity
  3. Honor existing contracts with established clients and vendors
  4. Assist in the procurement of new service contracts
  5. Assist in the protection of company resources from competing organizations
  6. Maintain and foster an enjoyable work environment
  7. Observe proper chain-of-command and escalate disputes at the appropriate level
  8. Family Galactic Travel is an "at will" employer, and may sever employment at any time
  9. Failure to maintain a high standard of quality or efficiency may result in the dismissal of an employee
  10. Employment at Family Galactic Travel is only available to people who have legal authority to work in the Vendetta Online universe. It is the responsibility of the employee to secure whatever authority is required and to present this if requested
  11. Employees wishing to end their employment should give current officers written notice 2 weeks prior to ending their employment