W02 - Warranty Enforcement Officer

Ideal Candidate

Eligible candidates will have license levels of at least level 5 in combat related licenses, and least level 2 in trade/mining licenses.  Candidate should have a basic understanding of 1v1 combat situations, ship trajectories, and interception techniques.  Experience preferred in energy weapons and unguided rockets.


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Successfully traverse hostile border crossings
  • Identify vessels and individuals operating without a valid product purchase
  • Identify and demonstrate existing ship imperfections
  • Defend cargo in hostile territories until support personnel can assist


Compensation will be provided on a daily/weekly basis, with bonuses paid for successful completion of position responibilities.

Additional Information

This position often requires travel through high-risk areas, with special emphasis placed on successfully traversing system borders.  Evasive piloting skills are an asset in this position.