Spies found embedded in neutral guilds


In an unexpected turn of events, former Family Galactic Travel VP TheRedSpy has been convicted of insider-trading.  Family Galactic Travel has severed all ties with TheRedSpy after it was learned he was operating with no less than two additional aliases, and served as VP in two competing organizations.


TheRedSpy has ben proven to operate under the alias Espionage in the Serco military resource procurement office (RED).


TheRedSpy has also been proven to operate under the alias Subsonica in the Trident Manufacturing Group (TRI).


The galaxy is in turmoil as shareholders who previously considered TRI to be a neutral organization are now consulting with attorneys and regulatory agencies to determine what laws were broken and how these events have affected share prices. TRI, who previously had unencumbered access to key manufacturing facilities will likely face additional scrutiny now that rivals learn they have been feeding information and material support to the Serco military.


Though not yet released, Family Galactic Travel has learned of additional Serco military personnel operating under cover in TRI and other seemingly neutral organizations.  Such information will be forthcoming, but Family Galactic Travel expressed a desire not to impede regulator investigations.


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