Savet Hegar


Executive Vice-President of Emerging Markets


Savet started as a fresh pilot in the Family Galactic Travel trade corp.  He entered the warranty sales and service team and quickly made a name for himself as the most honest and respected warranty provider in the galaxy.  While not an officer of the company, he often settled warranty disputes and high-profile customer satisfaction issues.  After a series of notable negotiations, he was promoted to Council, and again to Lieutenant.

When the current CEO, the esteemed Footballprophet stepped down to assume the role of the Duke of the Family, elections were held to determine who would guide the company's direction and future.  Company shareholders elected Savet to take the reigns and lead the company towards greater profit and increased market share.


Savet himself will tell you that he is not the most talented pilot in the galaxy.  He does, however, posess a unique set of skills that make him a well-rounded asset to the organization.  His skills with specialized ordinance, and cross-nation technologies put him in control in almost any situation.  His skills excel in the area of target interception and strategic planning make him a natural leader when planning missions and reacting to changing market conditions.