ToledoBlade looses FAMY a customer

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Steel Reserve
ToledoBlade looses FAMY a customer

ToledoBlade's ego and actions have cost you a customer.

Aton Clavan
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I always try to be polite to

I always try to be polite to my customer and thank them for their business.  I dislike rude players.  SteelReserve opened fired. He then proceeded to mouth off so his remaining time on warranty was rightly made null and void.  Should he seek a new warranty, I would recommend a higher risk category and hence a higher rate.

Steel Reserve
Here's the deal, you have

Here's the deal, you have gone too god damn far.

YT- i'm lookin at you and your trolling ways.

I'm leaving ORE and I am willing to go KOS in any sector at anytime so long as it means

it cost FAMY even one ship.  If i even get the slightest feeling that you have breached

any of the RoC, i'm going traight to the devs about you and your griefer guild ways.

I will nopt stop.  I will make you fuckers suffer a death of papercuts if i have to.


If i see any idiot tagged [FAMY] its dead.


you people arent even pirates.  atleast [@X] is respectable.  youy fuckers are not even

worth being polite to.  you troll, you grief, you just suck so god damn much.  I swear i will

not stop fucking with you until its too much of a problem for you to handle.



Oh my!

Wow, there's some emotion in that post.  We need a ticketing system for customer satisfaction!

But Aton is correct, if you fired on a representative, your warranty would be invalidated if it was done without the agent's consent.

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Hey, you like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life.

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This thread made me...