On blood and lust

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liu xing chui
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On blood and lust

Hello boys,

I am here to apologize for my actions earlier this evening... I must confess! I saw Tenshukaku undocked in a moth in Edras on my way to my daily bloodbath in UIT-space. I knew I was in love - I HAD to have his heart no matter the cost... I found no heart in that crimson mist, and what I thought was love was only a schoolgirl's bloodlust...

That hunk of a pilot Vskye shattered my childish illusions once again when destiny brought us together for the first time. It was at the Verasi/Nyrius WH when I first saw the speed and charisma with wich Vskye handles his rig... Having been surrounded by chumps for months in UIT, you could say I was overcome with a primal passion! I tore loose his heart as his payload burst beneath me! Some of his little blue streams made contact, but not enough to get me off (never enough I guess). We tried again, this time to a much more flacid effect...



As the bloodspray cooled, so did my lust. Now I am hollow, cold, and alone... You boys are like (sexy) brothers to me! I was a fool to ever take you for lovers! I don't expect I will be forgiven, but I wanted to say sorry for breaking your hearts and hulls.

From this day forward I vow - I will try not to play with your hearts any more (unless you want me to)...

With love,
-Liu Xing Chui