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Regarding GREY

As you are probably aware of, GREY has formed. It is my intention to stay CLOSELY allies with FAMY, and to continue using Voce so we can remind pilots to purchase a Greyspace warranty/permit from FAMY and continue to give locational data to FAMY. I know there are concerns from some members of FAMY. We are not "taking" Greyspace from FAMY. In a way we will be the merchant nation, and FAMY will be the military of Greyspace. I'd GREY ever "outgrows" FAMY, we will be more than happy to send pilots over to FAMY for support. I haven't had a chance to have in depth conversation with YT, so please respond here or at.

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Some of you may have noticed...

... that your VOCE is no longer working and that your access to some of the FAMY forums have changed. That's because you departed the Guild. These are perks of guild members, so nothing personal. We must protect our client list.

Also, in the forum you can no longer see (if you recently departed us), I commented on the other GREY thread. I'm going to duplicate that response here:

First, I want to take a moment to mention that any FAMY member that leaves us will need the approval of four council should they want to rejoin in the future.

Second, I'm going to hold off on passing judgement on GREY until I've had an opportunity to speak to at least 4 Council myself. I'd like their input before we formalize (or decline to formalize) any sort of alliance.

I've been with La Familia [FAMY] and Family Galactic Travel since it's inception. I don't recall this idea being kicked around, though it may have been. I know that many in and out of our guild have had a desire to see a formal Greyspace Nation (like UIT, Itan, or Serco), but that would be a game mechanic, not a guild.

My own question is this: what immediate benefit is [GREY] to La Familia [FAMY]? What is our short term benefit to being allied other than the fact that we like each other? 

I'm inclined to rank [GREY] on par with [TRI] as far as guild relations -they were born of [FAMY] as well. They made many of the same promises that our [GREY] cousins have. And they pay us.

I'll withhold policy until at least 4 Council members have had a chance to weigh in either here or via in-game chat with me (I'll post minutes of any such parley here. Yarr).

Of course. I understand your

Of course. I understand your position. We tried to take the least amount of FAMY as possible. I was just informed about our disconnection from Vive, and I understand that also. I would ask that during your parlay you mention GREYs use of Voce, to better assist FAMY with locational information, and vice versa. I apologise if this was too sudden or insulting to you, I made a very strong attempt at bringing it up with you, and your lack of response made it hard to develop any sort of pre-forming relationship. But it is the major consensus in GREY that our relations with FAMY be intact. As far as warranties, well we are staking a claim to Greyspace. I don't think we will be purchasing permits to travel in our home. But if the symantecs were changed to lets say, We pay for FAMYs continued support of GREY, than we could probably reach a better agreement. Please bring these up with FAMYs council. I'd like to state that my time in FAMY has far surpassed any other guild that I have been in as far as enjoyment and comradre. Myself and Kayne had an idea that we believe in, and we pursued it. I hope this doesn't bring a sour taste to any of FAMYs mouthes.

Oh and the benefits. You can

Oh and the benefits. You can expect GREY to assist FAMY in altercations. I have made it clear that our point of view is that if you can't lay FAMY, than run. If you attack a FAMY member, GREY will assist, unless it is consensual PvP, or you are another Ally of GREY. You can also expect help with building Tridents, GREY will be building Tridents as a group for an individual at a time, and we are more than happy to farm items for FAMY. Also any plugins or trade secrets that we aquire will be afforded to FAMY. We will not pirate, but we will actively reccomend players but warranties from FAMY, and inform FAMY of warranty dodgers. Also station keys will be afforded to FAMY in the event that we take them.

What we expect from FAMY if an Alliance is set is the same. Defend our merchants, afford station owner keys to me or Kayne, and generally be a friendly ally. 

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As far as warranties, well we are staking a claim to Greyspace. I don't think we will be purchasing permits to travel in our home. But if the symantecs were changed to lets say, We pay for FAMYs continued support of GREY, than we could probably reach a better agreement.

What if we worded it something like: 300k will keep your ship from being blown up? Or, that's a nice XC full of FFSA you have there, it would be a shame if something woulda happen to it..."

One of the concerns that's been given to me is that GREY will be a place that traders will join to avoid being hunted by La Familia [FAMY]. 

Also, you'll notice, I use our given name a lot. La Familia. Family Galactic Travel is our friendly, corporate face, but we consider ourselves top dog. Some of the things you've mentioned seem to put FAMY in a "support role" to GREY. That's not gonna fly. For credits or something tangible, the Council may permit Grey to support FAMY. But it'll need to be more than Voce spots. 

You mention my "lack of response" but this is without context. You PMd me while I was chasing RED last night saying that you "been wanting to get with me about you and Kayne working GREY."  Not a lot of discussion involved with that and, I have to admit, the exodus of several members (brothers) is hard to swallow. So forgive me if I seem hesitant to immediately agree to an "alliance." Dialoging with Digital Punk and Hawkfeather and perhaps Vskye in my absence would have been the correct thing to do, but at least one of them said you preferred to wait to talk with me. I'm deferring to their judgement because mine would likely be rash and self-serving. 

Rest assured, we will probably treat GREY at least as good as we treat TRI. Our former-FAMY brothers have earned that at the very least.

Yes I understand. This

Yes I understand. This project has been met with....resistance by quite a few people.To be honest, we dont have much to offer at this point, except our assistance. If we must pay we can probably come up with something, possibly a discount or something. Or i could pool up a monthly situation. Either way, this has been a bumpy start, and I hope GREY can rebound from its initial welcome to VO

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As far as warranties, well we are staking a claim to Greyspace. I don't think we will be purchasing permits to travel in our home

This statement concerns me. "Staking a claim to Greyspace" is equivalent to "Declaring war on FAMY" (as we currently have sole claim on greyspace, a point that we are not willing to yield any ground on. If our relations are to be cordial, it will need to be more along the lines of La Familia allowing GREY to exist, and not the other way around, like YT stated before. In other words, members of GREY will be purchasing permits to travel in their "home". I think it is reasonable to extend some level of immunity to our friends and brothers who have been in FAMY, but just joining GREY won't give you a free pass. For this reason, I think dealing with GREY on an individual basis (everyone pays their own warranty) is a better idea than a monthly guildwide warranty.

To those who have left I don't take it as an affront or antagonistic against FAMY, and I but it does make me sad to see you guys go.

I have posted a revised

I have posted a revised Nation Charter on the RP forums, I will also post here:

GREY Charter

GREY is a brotherhood. Dont start shit within the guild. Assist and support your brothers/ 

Anyone outside of GREY is irrelevant. If they interrupt your fight,KOS. They ask you to pay them, KOS. They have an annoying name, KOS. Fuck being nice. This is greyspace. This is GREYs space. They respect us or they get shot, repeatedly. 

Other than being decent to your brothers, there are no regulations and guidelines. 

Lets send these douchebags back to thier civilized societies where they belong





We will not be purchasing warranties. Continued sale of warranties is now banned in greyspace. Those caught attempting to sell warranties will be shot on site. 

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Well, since you've declared

Well, since you've declared war, I need not wait for the two additional Council members' input. I'll enact the executive privilage of Mayhem. 

GREY. Fuck 'em where you see em. If it suits you. 

I have left GREY. Commander

I have left GREY. Commander Kayne is the new CO. I reccomend starting new discussion with him