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Hello, my name is Einan. I'd like to join FAMY since you guys seem like a fun bunch to hang out with and I was never really a pirate so it will be a learning experience for me, I think im pretty decent at PvP. Still learning pure energy setups tho. My licenses are 4/4/4/2/2, Hope to get in touch with you soon :).

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Is Einan your in-game name as well? I haven't seen you on yet. I should be on Friday/Saturday, so hit me up and lets talk a bit. We'll want to see what kind of skill you have, maybe pit you up against an EDIT guy or something :) see how you do. If you lose, it doesn't mean you don't get in FAMY, we evaluate other things.

Oh, also we run a plugin that manages our payments and spots between each other. Essentially, you target someone and it tells you right away if they paid another FAMY member. Our only real rule is "don't shoot someone that's paid or allied" so the plugin is mandatory. 

Let me know if that would be an issue.

Cheers and see you in-game!


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Thanks for the application.

Thanks for the application.  I too will be around a bunch this weekend.  Shoot me a PM when ya see me again (as you saw last night I'm usually loud on 100, so you'll know when I'm around) if you want me to show you activities that helped me improve at intercepting when I first started, one of the bread and butter skills of pirating.u