Authorized Resellers

Current resellers:

AXE Guild

How it works:

The above sponsored agents are authorized to sell and support all Family Galactic Travel services. Transactions are conducted with the same simplicity you have come to know and expect from Family Galactic Travel. Our authorized resellers will advise you of current market rates, and record your new warranty in real time.


If I buy from a reseller, will I be prompted to purchase from an employee representative as well?

No. When you buy from a reseller, you get the same company-wide coverage that you have become accustomed to.

If I buy from a Family Galactic Travel employee, will a reseller still market their services to me?

No. Resellers provide the same great service to all current warranty holders.

How can I be sure my warranty is properly recorded?

After purchasing a warranty product from one of the authorized resellers above, simply visit the Family Galactic Travel website and confirm your warranty time after logging in with your pilot name.

Why become a reseller?

Resellers get access to many perks unavailable to independent agents, such as:

  1. Real-time sector reporting.  Find customers quickly and save time!
  2. Combat notifications.  Get backup and advertise your good deeds to fellow agents.
  3. Real-time warranty tracking.  Get real-time information when targeting a vessel.  No more checking lists, keeping notes, it is all handled for you.
  4. Added product value.  You are no longer selling protection from a very minor subset of malfunctions.  You now have the full Family Galactic Travel malfunction catalogue available for your clients' protection!

Are there any rules/restrictions?

  1. Family Galactic Travel technologies and information are to be used for official use only.
  2. All transactions must be recorded in the warranty database promptly.
  3. Inelligibilities
    1. No guilds are inelligible at this time.
  4. Exemptions
    1. Existing warranty holders are exempt from inspection procedures.
    2. EMS is exempt from warranty inspection procedures.
    3. Resellers will not attempt inspection of Family Galactic Travel personel.
    4. Family Galactic Travel personel will not attempt inspection of Resellers
  5. Profits
    1. Reseller keeps all profits for warranties sold for a duration of less than 4 days.
    2. Warranty sales for durations in excess of 4 days shall be subject to a 20% administration fee to be paid to Family Galactic Travel.

What if I wish to do business with someone and they do not have an existing wararnty?

To facilitate safe and trouble-free transactions, business partners may be added to the warranty database for a complimentary 1 hour warranty.

Who can become a reseller?

Candidates should posess a proven track record in warranty sales and service.  Exceptions may be made for former military officers looking to get their feet wet in our fast-paced sales environment.