Products & Services

The Diamond warranty package protects against common causes of ship malfunction. Upon purchase of your warranty you will enjoy enhanced safety throughout your travels in the galaxy. You will also be entitled to basic support from our FAMYCare program which in-sector support to the busy galactic entrepreneur when and where it's most needed.

The Platinum warranty package offers increased protection against ship malfunctions. It includes the highest level of FAMYCare support with dedicated personnel on-call to respond to your every need. This combined with a special rate for our Family & Friends referral program makes the Platinum warranty the pinnacle of spacecraft safety.

Another innovative initiative from Family Galactic Travel! Refer customers by location on comm channel #411 and receive free Diamond warranty coverage if your referral purchases a warranty. We even offer coverage if your referral is unfortunate enough to suffer a malfunction; everyone's a winner!

Family Galactic Travel Incorporated offers a full range of specialist cargo procurement services at affordable prices. Our experienced team is equipped with the latest and greatest Cargo-transport-Capacity (CtC) equipment to ensure maximum efficiency in procurement operations and excellent value for money.

Eligible customers can enjoy our premium range of transport support services to ensure maximum safety when travelling with Diamond or above warranty coverage. FAMY vessels are well equipped to ensure that your voyage is 100% malfunction-free.