Family & friends referral program

Have you ever wanted the protection that a warranty provides?  Have you ever been short on credits?  Share the benefits of Family Galactic Travel warranty coverage with your fellow travelers.  The beauty of this program is that we will contact your referral on your behalf, and offer our unique services.  We will explain the benefits and advantages of warranty coverage, and provide a free 20-point ship inspection.  When your referral purchases a warranty, or a malfunction is identified, you get free warranty coverage!

How to refer

  1. Change channel to 411
  2. Announce pilot name, affiliated guild (if any), ship type, and system/sector
  3. Await confirmation from one of our authorized agents

Warranty rewards

  • Unguilded pilot - low capacity ship - 2 hours
  • Guilded pilot - low capacity ship - 4 hours
  • Unguilded pilot - high capacity ship - 6 hours
  • Guilded pilot - high capacity ship - 8 hours

Warranty rewards are cumulative!  The more you refer, the more you save!