First Duke of FAMY / CEO


Not much is known about The Prophet before his time in the Itani miitary.  When caught extorting pilots for safe passage, he was left to die stranded on an ice roid in Sedina B8.  What happened then is similar to the story of so many prophets of legend with God-like powers.  He went through the crucible, forged in the cold vaccuum of space, experienced a vision, and came back to us to lead a Holy Jihad across the stars and make his word known in the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

In the beginning, those that knew this word were few.  It was whispered...spoken in distant sectors and sealed derelict stations.  Forming the original La Familia organization, the word spread.  No longer spoken in the darkness of space, it became a household phrase.  Agents were recruited, forming the largest protection rackateering organization in the known galaxy.  La Familia became a force to fear in nation space and the unalligned sectors alike.  Vendettas made, wars waged, stations assaulted, captured, and pillaged.  Carnage and destruction from one end of the universe to the other.  One word.  One word spreads among those affected.  One word describes it all. 



The Prophet has exceptional aim with unguided football shaped explosive projectiles.  Recipients of his prophecies often flee to escape their fate, but our Wise One carefully directs a full volley of wisdom and prophecy into their waiting arms.

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