Introducing the Platinum Border Dispute warranty

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our Platinum Border Dispute warranty product, which allows nationalist conflicts to be just a bit safer. 

Imagine, you are fighting with your favorite arch-nemesis of the opposite race.  You strafe and roll, dodge and bank, line up that perfect shot........*boom*  Your fuel regulator driveshaft cable detaches.

We don't want that to happen either.  Enjoy the same safety you have come to know and expect from our Diamond warranty coverage.

How does it work?

Transfer 500,000 credits to the nearest warranty sales agent.  You will receive a 2 hour Platinum warranty which exempts you from invasive inspections.

What if I already have a warranty?

Existing warranties will cover you during border disputes if purchased before territory is under dispute.

Why does this warranty cost more?

Insepection and sales in such a high-risk environment carry higher overhead costs.  In order to keep overall costs low, we pass these on to our higher-risk sales efforts.

Why is this a good value?

Border disputes are dangerous situations.  Here are two scenarios.  In each, the Platinum Border Dispute warranty represents exceptional value:

  1. Buy early.  Our sales agents and inspection professionals can turn their sights on ensuring other pilots are warrantied.  You are free to fight your enemies while they have to worry about defects and malfunctions.
  2. Buy late.  You procrastinated, and everyone else has a warranty.  You are the sole focus of the entire warranty inspection team.  If you want your ship to last, this is a bad situation to find yourself in.  Purchase our Platinum border dispute warranty and stop worrying about pending recall items so you can get back to the real conflict.

Is my Diamond warranty valid if Family Galactic Travel takes a contract for border dispute services?  Can I buy a Platinum Border Dispute warranty in such circumstances?

While your existing warranty will protect your vessel should our organization be contracted for specific work, we will not be selling Platinum Border Dispute policies in such circumstances.  While contracted, we do not consider a sector under dispute, and our fee is paid by the contracting organization.  For this reason, it pays to maintain an active warranty on your vessel at all times.