Family Travel out-maneuvers rival company

In what many would call a stunning upset, and others would call a tactically brilliant execution, Family Galactic Travel Inc. outmaneuvered rival company The Guild of Free Traders, or TGFT.


TGFT leveraged all available resources in an attempt to disrupt the real-estate holdings of Family Galactic Travel.  Staging a simultaneous interruption of normal business operations in both the Pelatus system and the Latos system, TGFT attempted to seize control of two key manufacturing facilities.


Through a series of tactical resource allocation, Family Galactic was able to retain control of the facilities and send a clear message to the leadership of TGFT: 


You can not compete. 


TGFT continues to probe for weaknesses in the strategic defense of these facilities, but at the time of this press release has been unable to bring forward enough resources to cause more than a minor interruption in the business operations of Family Galactic Travel.