Family Galactic repels two assaults in two days

Family Galactic Travel has posted record profits. The Serco military, in a recent discovery of a planet containing nothing but midgets, has sufferef from a shortage of combat forces due to an excess of shore-leave requests. In an effort to supplement their resources, Family Galactic Travel accepted a contract to work as a supplier of specialized talent. In the past 48 hours, no less than two attempts have been made to annex Serco owned territories. Twice, Family Galactic Travel has responded with the speed and efficiency necessary to ensure control of Serco lands remained in the proper hands. Calling in independent contractors that are kept on retainer, Family Galactic Travel explained that their defense was a two-fold strategy that they called "Fortify and Frustrate." They fortify the station defenses with repair crews conducting on-the-spot repairs, and a separate team of agents who focus on disrupting the travel plans of competing organizations' pilots. This strategy has worked exceedingly well, and the Serco military has offered lucrative performance bonuses.