Rival company makes noble gesture

Most companies would revel at the plundering of competitors' assets, resources, and intellectual property.  A rare few would do the right thing.  The Guild of Free Traders found itself in such a situation recently, when Family Galactic Travel's R&D budget for the fiscal year was embezzled by former Vice President TheRedSpy.  The Guild of Free Traders took the high road.  A few key members of the TGFT leadership put old grudges aside, and made a gesture that minimized the impact of the corporate espionage.


Understandably surprised by this gesture of good-will, Family Galactic Travel had the following comment:  "It's inspriing to see such a humanitarian effort despite a troubled past between our respective companies.  In light of these gestures, we have had to take a long hard look at some of our old grudges and prejudices, and conclude that they just don't make sense in our current market.  In an attempt to return the gesture, we will be providing several complimentary services to employees of the Guild of Free Traders and will be reopening dialogues with their members towards future ventures."


Sources close to both organizations tell us this development will be welcome news to both companies and their shareholders.