Application: Cargo Transit Intern

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Jolly Jack
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Application: Cargo Transit Intern

Yarrrrrrr!  I was flyin' out o' Serco space and I happens upon one of ye lads and I gets to thinkin that the galaxy is NAE a safe place for families, ya?  So then I says to me roboparrot, "Should I helps by applying to Family Travel" and he says back, mechanically ya know, "FAMILY TRAVEL, FAMILY TRAVEL" so I takes that as a yes and I be doin it.


1/2/3/2/1 now... One of ye lads told me to get to Corvus so I be on my way.

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If your combat licenses are

If your combat licenses are at least 4/4/4/./. then that would be a good start. I'd say get with either Savet, Westacular/Redrum or myself in-game and lets go from there.