Application: W01 - Warranty Eligibility Consultant

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Application: W01 - Warranty Eligibility Consultant


Camocowboy suggested I put in an application for [FAMY].  I like shooting, making money, long walks in the rain, pina coladas and the sounds of a behemoth going boom.

I would love to check the eligibility status of all the traders I come in contact with.  

If you need additional information let me know.

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I think we all like the sound booming behemoths :)

What are your licenses up to? Personally, I like to see 4/4/4/./. if only because once you sign on with FAMY, there will be many people that want to step in the way of you raising faction and licenses. High standing with Corvus and/or XX or TPG would likewise be nice.

Also, in addition to long walks in the rain, you'll need to be comfortable with having a target painted to your back. People like to shoot FAMY. You'll be a bit like the old western gunfighter who wanders into town... every young buck will want to show they can take you on.