Application W01 - Warranty Eligibility Consultant

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Application W01 - Warranty Eligibility Consultant

Looking to join an active guild that shoots at people and occasonally non people. I have 3/3/2/1/2 and growing. I enjoy both engadgements with tons of people and 1v1 dogfights. However to be fair I have yet to really see any of either. I don't know where to look. 


I wait to join a guild that has people online that I can play with. I play in EST from around 10pm to 2am-3am most days and more on the weekend. But that changes alot. I would like to do PVP but I don't mind filling time with bots or hive hunting. Even mining to earn credits is occasionally ok, but what I really want to do is shoot people that shoot back (though I may not yet be very good at it).

In game name is Ryetoc. Look forward to hearing from you.