Application - W02 - Warranty Enforcement Officer

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Application - W02 - Warranty Enforcement Officer

As a relatively new pilot, I have spent some time becoming acquainted with the subtleties of our universe. I am somewhat capable in inspection methods similar to your own including the use of both high-yeild positronic and plasma-based inspection tools and dedicated hull-breach analisys equipment (sun, star and jack varients).

I have used the opportunity of my recent warranty purchase to equip myself to the standards required within the person-specification of this position and despite having filled my time with freelancing (and found it to be profitable) I would relish the opportunity of more regular and stable employment with La Familia.

I tender my application, with great respect.



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Hi there

I am fairly new at this but have had runnings with a few of your guys, however as i have been on KOS i also put them on kos, i would prefer to be collecting the warranty from others tho rather than putting warrant on famy players and paying large bounties.

I am currently testing out a wide array of ships to suit my liking doing some mining and cargo runs too any help would be much appreciated thanks FAMY