Employment for Cargo Transport Intern

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Employment for Cargo Transport Intern

Fanney Mae 

Mobile 968-7666  


Dau L-10 


Pherona Aerospace Tech University

  • Dates: AD4428 - AD4430

  • Candidate for a bachelors degree of Aero-Dynamics and Mechanical Sciences:
Major: Aero-Dynamics  - GPA 1.80 

    • Minor: Fine Arts - GPA 3.89

Bractus IX Institution of Finer Education for Troubled Youth

  • Dates: AD4424 - AD4428


Itani National Defense, Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, Deneb - Itan

  • Dates: AD4029 - AD4030
Completed a internship working with the Information Acquisition team. Gathering Military grade intelligence from the Secro borders.

Axia Technologies, Survey Assistant, Verasi - Union Of Independent Territories

  • Dates: AD 4031 - 4032

  • Developed and implemented detailed plans for property acquisition of items that are of fiscal interest.


Chairman of the Board Members for Social Integrity Student Council at Bractus IX Institution of Finer Education for Troubled Youth

  • AD4424 - AD4426
Appointed by Student Government Association Executive Committee, as Chairman for Social Integrity Council.
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Arbitrate and sanction students that are in violation of Student Code of Conduct and Ethics.
    • Coordinate and deliver injunctions to students in both hearings and written petitions.
    • Conduct cases in collaboration with Residential Life, and review campus honor codes.
  • I would to make a special notation that my expulsion from membership to the Social Integrity Student Council and my suspension from Bractus IX Institution of Finer Education for Troubled Youth in violation of the student code of conduct and ethics due to my alleged extortion of the Vice Principle Virus Meladrin was unfounded and lacked evidence pertaining to the  allegation.

I feel this position will be a great fit for this position. I have experience in both trade and the procurement of items or intelligence. And through my military training I have been trained in the ability to locate items or individuals that are of significant interest. I have a wide network of leads and sources among the communities of the three greater nations.

I am sorry.  We do not feel

I am sorry.  We do not feel you will be a good fit for our organization at the present time.  We encourage you to apply for future openings within our comany.