Zor seeking group for general mayhem

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Zor seeking group for general mayhem

Hey. I'm Zor The Almighty, East Coast USA player. 6/5/3/4/4. Some of you know me, most of you don't but you'll likely see me flying around in a Vult III/IV with dual AAPs. Self-funded, I believe flying cheaper ships is not all that great a disadvantage. I'm well mannered and generally friendly, just looking to have some fun. Sometimes I talk trash in 100 to rustle up a fight since I have little patience for camping. Trader tears are indeed delicious, but killing them over and over is boring so I see the advantages to warrantying them.

Looking for a group of pilots to fly with, I'm tired of running from TGFT tridents so give me a shout here or in game, see what we can work out.

Message YT-1300

If I don't catch you in-game, reach out to YT-1300.  I've been tied up getting settled in to a new job recently, but we should be able to get you an invite.