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Hi, my name is the same on VO as it is here. I was already pirating, with a rather small reputation. But, I guess Samwise noticed me, because he offered a position in the guild. I did some thinking, and eventually decided sure. Other than the fact that I try to steal people's money, I'm generally nice and polite to everyone. Every once in a while I might lose my temper, but all you really have to worry about is a sharp tongue. So far my liscences are 7/6/7/6/2. I have a bit of pvp experience from playing a couple years ago. Even though I like to work alone, I also enjoy working as a part of a larger group of friendlies, which I guess is why I decided to apply. :)

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Been looking for you in-game

Been looking for you in-game to offer an invite after Samwise said you were interested. Let me know if you see me on.. you could always try sending a PM even if you don't see me ... lately I've been running in dark mode. :)