Application for Cargo Transport

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Application for Cargo Transport

i am Arklan Guardian ZE-1657. I have always wanted to be a warranty salesman. Ever since i saw for the first time a FGT product retailer passionately pursuing a potential customer, i knew i wanted part of it. As a Guardian i have experience with guarding various collector bots and have faced a few doomed pilots straying into my roid territory. I have recommended your company warranties to many a pilots unfortunate enough to have ship malfunctions in close proximity to my favorite roid spots. Atm my licenses are 2/1/2/3/2, but that is subject to change quickly. I will try my hardest to become a salesman but i am content with protecting FGT's assets in any way i can

Look for me in-game.  You're

Look for me in-game.  You're hired!