Application of Employment

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Application of Employment

Hi! my IGN is xXChrisTylerXx and I wanna be a FAMY to aid our fellow players in the cause of faulty warranties. I want to help develop up this guild by providing every services I can provide and I hate to see people with faulty warranties and atleast I can found a way to help em with the help of you guys! YARRRR!!

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2 cents

Recommends putting this one in a warranty enforcement position. Eagerly combative, and on the fast track to being quite capable. Learns quickly.


I second the nomination.


Employment has been terminated.  We wish you luck in your future endevours.

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Sorry, mate.

There was a lot of take and very little give on your part. Consider the 300k withdraws your severance. Though you might want to reserve some for future... "warranties."