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Iyon Tichy
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Application of Employment

Hi, i read the Jobdiscription (w2) and i think that i what i do at the game at the moment. My licens: 6/6/6/4/3. My target for the furture is to become a builder. I wanna help as mutch as i can. 


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I've seen you around!

Think I might've shot you once in Verasi I-5 :)

Anyway, you do realize that FAMY is a pirate guild, right? As soon as you start carrying the [FAMY] tag, there are many who will want to shoot you. But... we're a good group of guys (and a gal or two) that stick together and we have fun! We typically side with ONE/BR1 for the time being... ITAN and TGFT being our primary targets...

Still want in? If so, I'll shoot you an invite in game. Just PM me if you see me on.

Iyon Tichy
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I did not realize that famy is a pirat guild. What is the motivation for a pirat and what are the profits? I think the time searching for victoms, u can spend with treading and make more profit? Im a noob (as u see at my licenslevel) i play this game for 11 days now,  maybe i didnt realize whats all possible inside the game.

I remember our meating its the first and only time i saw a famy. I had no clue what u are and what u want. I was happy to see a realplayer. :D

Maybe building dents, flying hounds (and other costem-ships) and shot mega positron blasters is not the great goal. Pirat could be my way without knowing. Plz give me a hint whats about beeing a pirat.

The challenge

I should point out that we are not strictly a pirate guild, but being one of the only guilds to openly encourage it and build a brand behind it has labeled us as such.  Even if you don't want to engage in piracy, here are the reasons I joined FAMY prior to hoisting the jolly roger:

  1. You will learn from some of the better combat pilots in the game.  You will consistently get more combat opportunities.  And you will learn how to avoid dangerous scenarios and how to run blockades.
  2. Despite being cast as "the bad guy", this company has some of the most helpful people you will ever meet.
  3. You will get preferential treatment from current allies.  Currently, there are very few guilds who don't wear a target for someone.  Our actions creating risk for other guilds can actually make you safer than if you were in a trading guild.  We actively seek out players.  Traders actively avoid conflict.  If you need to get merchandize from point A to B, who do you want on your side?
  4. It is fun to play the underdog.  Anybody can be the good guy.  Anybody can be a bad guy.  Can you be a bad guy that is almost universally appreciated?

We actively need haulers and traders bringing things from point A to point B.  I let millions of credits in cargo expire each night because I would rather be in a small nimble craft selling our product.  Those lost profits can be yours.  You can make a lot of money trading, but you can make a lot more selling things you don't have to pay for.

Hope this helps.  Let us know what you decide.

Iyon Tichy
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Stavet makes a point. I wanna join. If u want me. There is one thing u shought know. I live at germany so im 9 hours before Los Angeles and 6 hours before New York. If this is not a problem than count me in, plz.

@ YT-1300 i only saw u once at space. I never see u at chanals 1 or 100 so i didnt know if me pm will reached u.