Step-By-Step Guide For Installing Mobile Plugins - Creating the Folder

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Step-By-Step Guide For Installing Mobile Plugins - Creating the Folder

This tutorial will use the free app "File Manager HD" from the Google Play Store.

If you do not want to use this app the steps may be a little different but this will point you in the right direction.

If you are using "File Manager HD", I will show you what each screen will look like after each step.

Step 1) Open "File Manager HD"

Step 2) Click the "My Device" button

Step 3) Find the folder called "android" and click it.

Step 4) Click the folder called "data"

Step 5) Scroll down and find the folder called "com.guildsoftware.vendetta" and click it

Step 6) Click the folder called "files"


Step 7) Click the vertical ellipsis in the top right

Step 8) Click the "Create" button

Step 9) Click the "Folder" button

Step 10) name the folder "plugins" and click "OK"


You have now successfully created your plugins folder.

The next post will explain how to extract your downloaded plugins into that folder.

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Extracting the plugins to the "plugins" folder

Now that you have created your plugins folder, it's time to install the plugins.

Download any plugin that you would like to have in Vendetta Online and follow these easy steps to get them from your downloads folder to your newly created plugins folder.

Step 1) Navigate to your downloads folder. The easiest way is to click the three horizontal bars in the top left then click "download"

Step 2) Click any plugin that you have download to open its zip folder. You may have to tell your device to open it with "File Manager HD"

Step 3) Long press the folder inside of the zip we just opened. In this case we are installing DroidButtons.

Step 4) After you long press that folder, it will turn blue and a tool bar will pop up on the bottom of the screen. Click "Copy"

Step 5) Navigate to the "plugins" folder we just created. If you can't remember how to get there follow the steps from above. The path is /android/data/com.guildsoftware.vendetta/files/plugins

Step 6) Once you have found your plugins folder click the paste button on the top of your screen (it looks like a clipboard)

And that's it! You have installed a plugin on your Android device!

If you still need help you can /msg JoeyG826 in game or drop me a private message.

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... short of awesome! Good work! 


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Very cool.  Now whenever I

Very cool.  Now whenever I pick up a android phone I'll know how to do this.  :)