C02 - Cargo Transit Specialist Résumé

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Razr Maxx
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C02 - Cargo Transit Specialist Résumé

So we meet at last YT-1300, my days if BOATing are over, as you may know, I am mainly a trader, miner, but can hold a little in a dogfight. I am applying for the C02 - Cargo Transit Specialist because quite frankly I always was good at running when I need to, and firing swarms like a pansy when I want to, don't know if you care much about standings but my greyspace standings are quite outstanding with Corvus, and increasing daily with other local grey factions. I hope you'll have this scurvy dog aboard your vessel. Obviously I will be defecting from BOAT within the hour at 1900 hours Indiana time.

License - 5-4-4-7-5 (when premium active) currently I am level capped.

- The dirty "Razr"