Tips for dealing with pirates

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Tips for dealing with pirates
By YT-1300
If you're new to Vendetta Online, there are some ways to deal with Pirates (a.k.a. 'Rats) that will help you out.
First, payment is optional. You always have the option to run or fight (or both). But payment gets you a couple of things: 1) the FAMY Pirate will put you on a list of paid clients. So does the pirates of other guilds like CHRN or CLM; 2) some FAMY pilots -even if they aren't pirates- will go out of they're way to help out a trader who is on the list. Say, for instance, if you need an escort through UIT and you aren't yet of "Admired" status. Nationalist guilds like Free Roam (a.k.a. [F]ast [R]unners) will shoot ya! Or maybe you're trying to avoid the pirate wannabe's of CBSM...
So, there are some advantages to paying.
Tips for Pilots that want to pay:
1. Stop yer engines! Seriously... can't stress this enough. The pirate only has a few seconds to figure out if you're going to pay or run -or turn and fight. If your engines are stopped, he probably won't fire. Pirates understand not everyone knows how to give money, so a dialog is okay. Ask if you aren't sure... press "T" to talk in the Sector (your text will be green -and that's a capital "T" -the lower case "t" will talk on 100 or whatever channel is active).
2. Givemoney. Two ways to do it: open a text bar for chat ("t", "T", etc.) then type "/givemoney YT-1300 10000" (without the quotes). Or if you have the pirate targeted, press "k" then choose the "Give Money" button. A dialog will appear then just input the amount.
**IMPORTANT** don't use a comma to separate thousands from hundreds. It should be "100000" instead of "100,000" -the comma won't work for givemoney. The longer you delay, the more likely the pirate will shoot you.
3. Don't take a long time doing this... if you're having trouble, talk to the pirate. Otherwise, he'll think you're trying to log off and shoot you. If you're taking too long, I'll typically give a warning shot since being hit will stop the log-off countdown. So if you get a single shot from a pirate, don't panic... just talk to him and let him know what's taking you so long. He'll happily talk you through it. Maybe. :-)
Tips for pilots that don't want to pay
1. Check your distance and consider your ship's capabilities and limitations. Is the pirate close? Is he in a Greyhound or Superlight that can cover a lot of distance quickly? Will you need to let off the turbo long enough to charge to full to escape? Can you jump before he gets within 1000k? Are you armed well enough to take him on?
2. Have Navcomp loaded. You can jump in evasion mode. This isn't always a guarantee you'll escape, but you might get lucky and jump #3 or 4 will put you over 1000k from the pirate, allowing you to jump without him tracking you. (if your target is under 1000k and jumps, you can see where they went).
3. Use Targetless. This allows you to see at a glance who's nearby, how far away they are, what their standing is locally, and to target them quickly by pressing a number on the keyboard.
4. Don't travel through grayspace -lots of pirates and wannabe pirates there.
5. Don't travel through nationspace -heh... a few pirates that know how to pirate in nationspace!
In general
Nationspace Pirates. Some pirates prefer to pirate in nationspace because they know how to maintain their faction and know that they cause almost as much of a repair bill to a Behemoth XC as the amount they're asking for protection! And, they know many pilots don't want to work on getting back to POS after taking a faction hit. Some 'rats will even let you kill them in nationspace to take your faction down. They know the next time they see you, you're faction will be lowered and less of a hit to them!
Fighters. Most 'rats love a good fight. So if you choose to fight rather than pay, they respect that. Even if you win.
Runners. If you run or refuse to fight or pay, that's all good. And the pirate won't fault you if you get away. However, if its me, be sure to type fast next time you see me if you decide to pay. If I offer you protection fair and square for your Centaur III and you run away. I'm not hailing you next time even if you're in an XC. I'll just assume you'd rather not pay and chase you down. That's not to say I won't accept payment and offer protection in return. But you gotta type fast!
Crap Talkers. Some pirates love to talk crap on 100 and many pilots love to engage with them. I probably do less crap-talkin' than my mates. If ya get away and talk crap about it... or if ya disrespect FAMY on 100, I'm less inclined to give you a hail when I catch you in an XC. If ya see me and I'm comin' in on ya... type fast (/givemoney YT-1300 150000) if you wanna pay.
Help for the Newbs. FAMY pilots are always willing to help the newbs. I haven't met a one in our guild that wouldn't offer tips or advice to a newb that deserved it (i.e. one that wasn't trolling or being overly annoying). Even if one of the FAMY 'rats shoots ya, he'll still be willing to help you along if ya need it. Hell, I shot a newb once that stole my cargo in H2, and ended up giving him a few hundred thousand credits and some advice to encourage him to stay in the game. Told him I'd still shoot him if he took my cargo again... ;-)
The name of the game is Vendetta! so make alliances, make some enemies... use 'em to get revenge!


I would dispute that you are

I would dispute that you are friendly to noobs.  A lot of new people joining the game, especially with more and more devices becoming Vendetta "enabled".  Unfortunatly no where in the tutorials does it talk about organized blackmail while you are playing the game.  If some stranger comes up to me and demands money, am I going to pay?  Not if I just started playing and someone didn't explain the "rules".  So I might encourage your members to perhaps look at who they are bullying.  Chances are if they have a 1/1/1/1/1 licence like me, they don't have a clue what is going on.

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You did notice...

... that the name of the game is "vendetta," right? 

Don't you think you might have expected a certain amount of... shooting?

Feral Bearcat
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Mobile users...

I must say that FAMY was more.helpful to me than any other guild, pirate or non-RAT when I was new. Which reminds me, I must point out that mobile users are at an extreme disadvantage, esp when new when it comes to the chat or paying money. We cannot easily and quickly type T or t. There is no t. We havr to touch the tiny screen in JUST the right spot and then meticously try to type /givemoney....wbo? You can't remember because now the chat window takes up the entire mobile screen. So u have to clsose it, look back at chat log, get that pesky NT-#### again and then go through it all.again, mind you...with very tiny buttons in a touch scrern that glitches. I think bad impressions are immediately madr, unfortunately, with mobile users because if this. They really DO need much more time to pay you, and especially if new. I would suggest that if you are a mobile user, and come across a pirate... simply tell them you are on mobile and need a few extra 10 seconds or so. It really is HARD to givemoney on mobile, especially when your hands are shaking from fear of being destroyed by someone that doesnt't realize you really are trying to do what they ask! :-)