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Form a TGFT stand point

If memory Serves me well if I believe FAMY first proclaimed that they were not pirates whut happened to that?

PS I'm very wary of paying pirate cuz they com and go "hey *censored* are u going pay 300k to live" and I go
"Huh? Y?" And then they shoot and I'm in the station 5min later I get a msg saying they are dead! I only pay when I get offered something in return (no not life) say one of ur "warranties" and I don't see any of ur "pirates" either cuz they are like above if u want to pirate me all u have to do is offer something in return :) msg me ingame
(Michael124)and ur "trans porter pack" is now worth 300k

PSS void seems to have all the trend


Hello, and welcome.  You posted a similar comment in reply to a tutorial thread, so I am going to quote it here and clean up the tutorial as that is reserved for instruction rather than feedback, but we can absolutely discuss your feedback here.

First off I'd like u report that ur members are attacking noobs who have less than 10000k to their name Second almost all members trash talk and ruin our trust in ur guild making it more pirate than warrantie sellers Third ur Guys have no code conduct its like a free for all                PS I'm Michael124 ingame and my guild is TGFT

A few of my thoughts first:

  1. We absolutely try to maintain a standard of conduct among our representatives.  It can sometimes be difficult in such a fast-paced line of business, so if you are experiencing someone or several someones that is not maintaining our high standard of service, send a private message to YT-1300 and myself and we will do what we can to address the matter.
  2. Pricing is set by each individual, with guidance on what to change for specific durations.  Many members give new players a significant discount.  This is not required though, and most of our members operate in unmonitored space, which means customers have to take a certain degree of personal ownership of their safety.  Venturing into grey space before they have adequate funds is unwise in most scenarios.
  3. Pilots who are members of major guilds are often not afforded the same new player discounts mentioned above.  As part of an organization with large guild bank balances, we expect that the organization will take an interest in the safety of their members and ensure they have adequate funds as they establish themselves.

In response to some of your specific concerns:

Exchange of value

We don't often publicize all of the value-add services that a warranty entitles one to, but below are some examples of ways we often add value to warranty purchases:

  • Free merchandise:  We often find merchandise that gets left behind by pilots and transports when they have unfortunate accidents.  Warranty holders are often given first pick of items such as HD mining beams, Axia Accelerated Positrons, Neutron Mk3, etc.
  • Transport support:  If you are moving valuable merchandise and want a little extra security, reach out to one of our representatives.  We are often happy to fly along-side you and help keep your merchandise safe if you have an active warranty.
  • High risk extractions:  There are a lot of dangers in space.  We can often help you escape a hostile sector or give you a ride to a less hostile sector if you have a warranty and reach out to us.

I appreciate your feedback.  If you have more specific examples you would like to discuss, please private message YT-1300 and myself as described above.  Your satisfaction is important to us!

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we're not exactly accepting payments from TGFT right now.

Though, that may be something we'll vote on in Council in the near future.