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Application for employment

I have always wanted to be a pirate. Ever since Savet politely took my money five years ago for a lovely 24 hour warranty. When that happened, I remember thinking "what a good person! not many people are aware of the dangers of space travel and here is this guy (savet) tracking down these clueless individuals and showing them the way to safe space travel for just a moment of their time and a small services fee. I knew then that I wanted to be a pirate. Unfortunately "life" happens and I have not been able to devote the time to V.O. as I have wanted. That time is over. I am dedicating myself to this universe and can think of no better company show my allegiance to.
Licenses: 5/7/7/8/10
queen kills:66
Player Kills:3
Missions completed:189
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Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to speak to you soon!

I like this guy!

I like this guy!

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Me too :)

Me too :)

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Sorry I didn't get back to you in-game today, but there has been a bit of drama with one of our estranged allies. I was a bit distracted with them today.

We definitely want to get you on board, so I've upgraded your site access to "recruit" which will give you access to the "Member Resources" link on the right side of the page. Click that then look for "Voce." Click it, read the instructions and description, make sure you're willing to install, and download it if you'd like.

You won't be able to run log in until either Save or myself sets you up with a username and password to enter on the /voce config screen, but at least you'll be ready when we catch you in the game. I'll look for you in the next 24h or so.

If you find that you have a few things to accomplish first before wearing the [FAMY] tag, by all means go ahead. We certainly understand.

Looking forward to having you among the team!