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The Juggalo
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Application for employment

I will not lie, I am Cpt. Zapp Brannigan of TGFT defecting. This is an alternate account. I would like to join with either. I have played for two years, and have seen this is the team to be on. That is all I have to say.

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Few questions first:

Can you run a plugin? All our pilots runa  plugin that manages payments between each other. Essentially, we target a pilot and get a notification of "Paid", "Ally", "KOS", or "nothing found."

Which alt would you prefer to join on? We practice alt-seperation in FAMY, so if you have an alt that you'd like to keep seperate, that's no problem.

Give me a buzz in-game or here. Either way and we'll get you sorted so you can download the plugin. You're free to read the details and look it over if you like (just standard lua text file). We keep a list on a server but it's text so it has very, very minimal impact on your ping or fps. Probably close to zero. The plugin is in two parts so allies can run the half without the payment list. That half provides sector spots and allows for a group chat that is independent of VO's servers. 

Also, i just noticed that the date on this is last week, and I know you've seen me in-game since then--good fight, btw :), so if you're no longer interested I understand. Feel free to let me know either way.