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I've talked to YT-1300 in game about my application, but haven't seen him since. I would like to be of any use to FAMY as I can, so while I may be best at Transportation of Goods and dodging the hell out of people, I'm a fine PvP'er and could fight if need be. I am formally applying for Cargo Transport Intern or Cargo Transit Specialist, but again, am willing to do whatever. My licenses are at 5/6/6/4/4, but I only upgraded to premium in the last week, and I am extremely proficient in mining and trading.

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I should be on tonight after 8pm CST

in the mean time, i've upgraded your membership on the website so you can see the plugin. I'll PM you with the user/password. Just look over the install instructions and description on the plugin page here and you should have no problems installing.