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Rodo Ralalis

is a freelance trader/miner levels are 7/6/6/10/6 , Itani respect, Serco Admire , UIT/TPG admire, Covus admire alolus admire & Axia respect. is thinking about joining you as a cargo/miner mover. bee3n on Vo about 12 months so far, mostly a lurker doing my trade/mining.

Welcome Sir! You will find

Welcome Sir! You will find us an accepting bunch. One of the things I enjoyed when I joined, waaaay back before I turned to warranty sales, was seeing who changed once I put on the FAMY tag. This is where you find out who your real friends are.

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Hi rodo!

I hope you do, the best and most adventurous miners and traders are the ones that do so in FAMY. If you enjoy a good challenge and a team environment then you'll fit in perfectly!



Aton Clavan
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From someone who plays that way - it works

As a trader, crafter, miner, and occasional warranty inspectors I would second that!