Application for an Open Position.

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Xymerian Monk
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Application for an Open Position.

To Whom it may concern:

Hello, my name is Xymerian Monk. I have wondered around the Universe, lost. I have battled bots, and traded, mined, and even tried to master the art of drinking while flying a space ship...but no matter how much I search for purpose, I am continually wondering "what am I doing with my life". Well that is when i met a FAMY member, and they hit me with an ultimatum, pay for extended warranty or have no coverage and a free trip home. That is when I decided to come here.

Enough filler, my stats are currently 5/7/6/10/9
I would like to enjoy the game in a deeper way than just mining and trading. To which I feel FAMY would increase my enjoyment in-game by the way of comrades, after all it is an MMO.

Sincerest Thanks,