ACE Relations: Open Letter to Patrizio

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ACE Relations: Open Letter to Patrizio


I very nearly put all of ACE (both of you?) on temp-KOS with FAMY today, with an option to be long-term based solely on Cha-Wa Ralalis.

I'm fine with Rivalry. VPR, ITAN, and others have shown it to FAMY and FAMY members time and again. They rarely, if ever, stoop to the sort of dickish comments that your new member makes, however. And its because he's a new member to ACE, and a relatively new player, that I decided to only extend his KOS.

Talk is fine. tsreknor does it. Greenwall does it. ARF does it. But what cha-wa does is more than just talk. He makes a concerted effort to berate and troll via PM as well as 100. The comments are generally sexual in nature, bigotted towards homoesexuals. 

If he continues, I will petition the FAMY council to make all of ACE KOS. This is because the members of a guild are representatives of that guild and the guild should be held accountable for it's members. Something FAMY has had some unfortunate experience with. 

Like I said: there's rivarly, and RP "vendettas..."; then there's what Cha-Wa is doing. Which is real life bigotry, hate, and trolling. I will do all I can to grief him and force him to stop playing if he doesn't change his attitude. Should he stop being a dick for a week (much less if he were to offer an olive branch), I'll remove his KOS standing. 



You have my support

You have my support.  I doubt the guild-wide kos will matter much to them, but being cast as trolls and bigots like PA might.  ACE is pretty much a dead guild, but it's "good name" might matter to Pat.